Relaxation Suite

by Clair Oaks



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released April 9, 2008

Clair Oaks, voice, music



all rights reserved


Clair Oaks Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Clair Oaks band offers inspired original music combined with ancient Sanskrit mantras,English lyrics and lush vocal harmonies for a musical meditation mix.
Clair spent several years as a back up singer for kirtan artist Wah! and was featured as the leader of a chant band in the hit movie Eat Pray Love.
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Track Name: Beginning Shavasana/Guided Awareness
Not Applicable
Track Name: Breathing Practice Instructions
Use this CD as a guide to a quiet mind, settled emotions, bodily comfort and
more. Maximum benefit is attained by attending regular, weekly yoga classes and using this
CD at home on a daily basis. The entire CD is almost 75 minutes. While it is highly beneficial
to follow along with the entire CD, you can also customize your practice by using selected
tracks as you wish. NOTE: when doing the breathing practice AND yoga poses together,
for your safety, comfort and maximum benefit, we recommend doing the breathing BEFORE
doing poses. Track 3 is gentle music to do your own pose practice with - no pose instructions
are given. The music is soothing and has sanskrit mantra's imbeded (not loud enough to discern)
to encourage deeper awareness and opening/quieting of the physical, mental and emotional
bodies. Alternatively, the music can be turned down low as a background for meditation.
Follow these simple instructions and you are on your way:
Lay in Shavasana (yoga's relaxation pose) as done in a Svaroopa® yoga class, on your back,
lower legs supported by a stack of blankets or over a sofa, with your heels no higher than your
knees, and your head supported so that your chin and forehead are level (one not higher
than the other). Your entire back, including the back of your waist, should be as flat as
possible. Have a blanket nearby in case you get chilly. Your body temperature may drop as
you relax more deeply. Start Relaxation Suite CD and begin your practice.
KEEP THE VOLUME LOW - just loud enough to hear the instructions.
Let us know how it goes! We'd love your feedback. or All rights reserved 2009
Clair Oaks, musician & lead Svaroopa® yoga instructor is the Founder of Soul Source Yoga
in Swarthmore PA 19081. Instructional verbiage property of Svaroopa Teachings
Collection Inc. used under license with permission. Music composed/performed by
Clair Oaks 2008. Cover photo: Clair Oaks 2007 Thanks to my husband and children,
Rob Oaks, Caleb Oaks and Elijah Tucker for their endless support, technical and otherwise,
and most especially, their patience and love.
Track Name: Music for Yoga Pose Practice
Track Name: Final Shavasana Guided Awareness